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Ministries and Mission Efforts We Like and Support

According to Isaiah 58:6-12, true worship that is pleasing to God is not in tradition, rule keeping or self righteousness, but in serving the poor, those in bondage (prison, sin, addictions), orphans, one's own family (even extended), and those that are generally less fortunate. In response to this call to true worship, this is some of the ministry opportunities we have been fortunate to participate in.


Thru our local church, Eddie, Dixie and Rachel have been privileged to serve in Belize. Belize is an english speaking country directly south of Mexico. Our main outreach there is in the one main prison. Since our church goes yearly, we have made friends with many of the permanent or semi-permanent inmates. Our ministry involves cell to cell relationship evangelism and we have witnessed first hand how God can change the life of a person even in the most dire of circumstances. In some cases, we may be the only family visit an inmate gets for the year.
Also in Belize, we have been privileged to meet Ms. Leonie Gilliam, the founder and house mother to between 40 and 50 oprhans at King's Childrens Home in Belmopan, the capital city. The needs here are great and the faith exhibited by Ms. Leonie would be an inspiration to anyone. This orphanage is Christian oriented and always in need of donations. Below you will find a donate button where we will direct any funds you specify to this orphanage.
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We support a group of Cambodian national pastors that serves in Cambodia. Cambodia is a very poor 3rd world country in Southeast Asia between Thailand and Viet Nam. Due to wars and genocide, about 4.5 million people were slaughtered in Cambodia between 1970 and 2000. There is now a stable political environment and the country is thriving and growing, but the needs are staggering. One in very 290 people has been injured by land mines. Orphans are everywhere due to disease, poverty and an overwhelmed government.
Daniel serves these people in the following areas. He directly mentors youth and families who are struggling to rise out of there present conditions. He ministers at the city dump in Phnom Penh where 40,000 people live and scavenge daily for recycleables to sell for survival, the slums adjacent to the dump and various prisons scattered throughout the nation.
One of his most pressing ministries is to the New Hope for Orphans orphanages. These are overseen by Pastor Sinai and the local churches. There are 7 orphanages so far and support for these come largely thru foreign sponsorships. You may directly sponsor a child and provide for their food, clothing, medical and education for only $40.00 per month. Some of the orphanages have newer modern buildings, but some are in dire need of new facilities. We can share these needs if you are interested.
Eddie has been to Cambodia 5 time and has participated in multiple Reading Glass Clinics to distribute reading glasses to the rural areas of the provinces. If you would like to contribute to the New Hope for Orphans Ministry, you will find a donation button below. We will direct those funds to these orphanages. If you wish to inquire about individual on going child sponsorship you may contact them at the website listed above.
#NHO - $20.00 (for larger donation, change quantity in the shopping cart      
A typical group of inmates - Belize My friend Clifton - Belize
Marie visiting at Maximum - Belize Dixie at the Women's Unit - Belize
Rachel with girls from the youth hostel - Belize The orphanage 'main room' - Belize
Ms. Leonie - Belize Serving sodas to everyone - Belize
Chaos at the dump - Cambodia At the city dump - Cambodia
Missionary Daniel Johnson - Cambodia Boys at the slums - Cambodia
Orphan at Koh Kong Orphanage - Cambodia Boys and caretaker at orphanage - Cambodia
Eddie & Daniel at Koh Kong Orphanage - Cambodia Kids ministered to by young men trained by Daniel - Cambodia